Parenting Classes

Guide to parent training opportunities and support

While our culture is fixated on getting information when we need it, which is often right this minute, some parents prefer to prepare for challenges by doing research and learning before their child is even born. If you are one of these parents, parenting classes may be for you. These classes don't exactly teach you how to be a parent; rather, they give you advice on how to deal with some unfamiliar situations and can teach you about different parenting styles and parenting skills to use when you're feeling overwhelmed.

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What You'll Learn in Parenting Courses

One thing you'll learn in the course of your parenting education is to adopt your own style of parenting. No one says you have to strictly follow one parenting style over another; you can mix and match to find something that works best for you.

In addition to learning about broad parenting styles, you can also learn about more specific topics, such as how to breastfeed, aspects of basic baby care, or how to talk to your children about sensitive subjects like sex or drugs. Many parents choose parenting programs to learn how to discipline effectively, or how to talk so that their children will listen. Some people choose this sort of education when they find themselves in a new situation, such as single parenting or parenting teens.

Where to Find Parent Training Classes

Many municipalities have free parenting classes that you can attend before your baby is born or after you have children. You can also find online parenting classes to attend in the comfort of your own home. You may be charged for materials or the instructor's time, but many parenting classes are free of charge and do not require any money put down. Some schools may also offer parenting classes, especially to teen parents, free of charge.

Parenting can be challenging, and sometimes parents may feel like they need help. When they do, parenting classes and books are there to help them. Parenting classes won't turn you into a perfect parent, but they can give you some building blocks on which to build your parenting philosophy.