Ensuring child safety in the home

When you have a child, safety is the first thing on your mind, and a well-babyproofed house will ensure that your little one doesn't run into any unnecessary trouble which could cause injury or sickness. Child safety in the home cuts down on accidents and illnesses that could land children in the hospital. A little foresight will ensure that accidents don't happen.

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Child Safety Product Essentials

When you begin to babyproof your home, you may be amazed with the sheer number of baby safety products available, and may even be taken in by companies who insist you need expensive products when you really don't. Much of babyproofing is common sense. Put yourself in the shoes of a crawling baby – what could pose a safety hazard? Typically, you will want to block off or lock away any cleaning products, stairs, fireplaces or radiators. You may also want to invest in electrical outlet covers in order to make sure that no little fingers find their way into them.

Child safety gates are a great way to keep your baby out of trouble. Place them in front of stairs or in doorways to keep your baby safe and free from falls. Child safety latches can be placed on cupboard doors to keep children away from dangerous products that could poison them. As well, make sure your home is clean and free of carpet lint and debris that your baby could potentially put into his or her mouth. Choking hazards like marbles and other small toys should be picked up. Typically, a baby shouldn't handle anything that's smaller than their fist.

Make sure that you are also watching your baby at all times when he or she is crawling around. You won't be able to save them from every fall, but an attentive eye can keep a baby out of trouble better than any childproofing measures. Know what to do if an emergency arises; keep your child's doctor on speed-dial and teach your older children how to call 9-1-1 in an emergency.

Babyproofing doesn't have to be hard, but when you're thorough, you can avoid accidents and illnesses more easily.