Childhood Diseases

About childhood disorders and illnesses

Although no parent wants to think of their child as anything other than healthy, childhood illnesses do strike, and you need to be able to react quickly to help your child feel better. The vast majority of childhood disorders are not serious and can be prevented with childhood immunizations, but even the most common childhood illnesses can make your child uncomfortable and unhappy. Learn about some childhood illnesses that could affect your child, and how to treat or help prevent them.

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Minimizing the Risk of Childhood Illnesses

One reason children in North America are getting fatter is that they lead more sedentary lifestyles than their parents did as children. As the rate of childhood obesity continues to rise, so does the number of children suffering from obesity-related illnesses like type 2 diabetes – which did not used to be a form of childhood diabetes. To minimize your child's risk of developing weight-related illnesses, ensure that they are active every day and eat a healthy diet, which might also lower their risk of childhood cancer.

Other diseases, like chicken pox, are common in children but don't pose the same kind of health risks that obesity does. Of course, childhood obesity is not contagious like chicken pox, but the two are alike in that, as a parent, you can also choose to take an active role in preventing your children from developing chicken pox – you can have your child vaccinated against it.

Of course, some childhood diseases cannot be prevented, and in those cases, you can just do your best to minimize your child's symptoms. For example, if your child has childhood asthma, have a puffer on hand and emergency measures in place to ease their breathing as soon as possible after an attack . Educate the people who are around your child most often about what to do. Your child should also know what to do so that no one is panicking when an asthma attack strikes.

Child Mental Health Disorders

While we are aware of childhood diseases that strike a child physically, child mental health is something that often gets overlooked. If your child begins to show signs of childhood depression or childhood anxiety, try to figure out the problem by talking with them. Sometimes, children cannot properly articulate how they feel, and counselling may be needed to help alleviate the symptoms. There are child psychiatric hospitals and treatments in place to help preserve your child's mental health if you find that the problem is getting beyond the help you can provide.

Childhood health is so important to raise happy and healthy children. Make sure that you are educated on how to keep your child healthy.