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Though many parents wish to stay home with their young children, it simply isn't a feasible option for many North American families today. In order to maintain a certain lifestyle, or even just to make ends meet, many parents must send their children to day care or hire a babysitter to look after them while they work. If you are one of these many parents, then you need to research and look at various child care resources so that you can make an informed choice when it comes to finding the best care for your child.

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Gathering Child Care Information

If you need to go back to work and are looking for a child day care or an infant day care that will treat your child well and provide a high standard of care, you may want to start by asking for recommendations from other parents who have their children in day care. They will be able to tell you about good places (or bad places) based on their own experiences. You can also look online at the day-care websites to find pictures, schedules, meal plans and testimonials as to how a particular center works and what sorts of activities and schedules they will offer your child.

Before choosing a child-care provider, consider whether or not you want your child to be cared for in your home by a nanny or babysitter, or outside your home by a child care center or someone who runs a babysitting service. Each option comes with different pros and cons that you will have to weigh carefully in choosing a care strategy for your child.

Comparing Child Care Costs

The considerable cost of child care is a big factor when it comes to choosing a care provider. Day cares are by far the most expensive, but a properly licensed center will employ only trained child-care workers and provide the most options and activities for your child. Nannies can also be expensive, but a nanny is a trained child-care professional who, like a day care, should be able to provide schedules and activities for your child. The cheapest option, depending on where you live, can be an in-home babysitter, but many of these people aren't licensed to take care of children, so be careful if you choose this option.

Having a child in day care can be tough on you, but making sure that your provider meshes well with your parenting style and your child's personality can make this transition easier, and let you have peace of mind away from your little one.